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Chihuahua Weak knees?

I heard many times chihuahuas have weak knees. My dog is a chihuahua and she limps but has been living with it along time and i doesnt bother her i took her to the vet and they just said that something happened to her knee cap. But it doesnt bother her any suggestion on what it is?


Could it be life threating?

Update 2:

Or serious?

Update 3:

I have had her for 4 years and she still runs and does other activities but once in awile she will limp then put her leg down and limp again when i fist had gotton her she had this.

Update 4:

She is 5 years old

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    luxated patella is common in toy breeds. i dont think its life threatning but your dog could end up not being able 2 walk without the proper medications. it might be that she has dislocated knees. this i think they can fix. she may need an operation if it is something else. i dought it is life threatning,as long as it isn't a tumor or something on her knee. try to see if you can get in touch with the breeder/shelter you got her from and ask if she had jumped from a high place or if they dropped her. you made a good dissision taking her to the vet aswell as choosing a chihuahua they are great little dogs.

    -Hayley & Roger (my 9wk. old chi)

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    The majority of chis have luxating patellas. Did the vet say what stage luxation she has? Unless it is a 3-4 you don't need to do anything. You can give glucosamine or even use DMSO to be absorbed through the skin from your vet. Baby aspirin is the best first step pain reliever if she is uncomfortable. Your vet can give you a dosage, for a chi it would be less than one baby aspirin.

    I would never have surgery for a knee issue like this unless it was a stage four that really was hurting the dog. Too many of these surgeries are needlessly being done. You can make your own decision based on your vet's advice and your own research.

    It is not lethal in any sense of the word. She will be fine. It is just painful like arthritis in older adults.

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    Most likely luxating patella where the knee cap does not stay in the knee cap groove properly, this can be corrected with surgery if necessary but if it doesn't bother the dog much then your vet most likely doesn't think surgery is needed. Could also be cruciate ligament rupture which is rare in smaller breeds but can happen, rest or surgery is indicated in this case.

    If it doesn't bother her and she is not lame >20% of the time it may be best to just monitor her for signs of the conditioning worsening and have her seen to then.

    One side note, this condition will predispose her to osteoarthritis in the joint later in life so you may have to give her arthritis meds when she ages as the joint may give her more grief when she is older.

    Good luck with it all.

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    likely subluxated patellas - many times small breeds or not terribly well bred dogs will have this issue. Not sure if there is really much that can be done about it but an orthopedic specialist would be who I would suggest going to and seeing if there is any alternative to her hurting - and it does or will hurt as the connective tissue begins to be torn. I have known a number of dogs with this condition (haven't ever owned one though as I usually have large breeds and fairly sound ones at that) but have seen it quite a bit and the dogs do eventually get worse and it does become obvious that it hurts. There might be new procedures/treatments that might help prevent it from getting worse or more painful. Also since the orthopedice vets have dealt with it more they might give you an idea as to restrictions that will keep her safer. It isn't 'life threatening' on face but it can become such a painful problem that the dog needs to be humanely euthanized so I would get treatment at this stage to try to prevent that from occuring in the future. BTW, it is genetic in origin and predisposition so she, of course, should not be bred and you might want to contact her breeder and let them know that this is a problem they need to refrain from perpetuating. Good luck.

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    Probably a luxated patella/patellas.

    Luxated patellas are common in toy breeds.

    It could also be hip dysplasia as well.

    If you want she can see the orthopedic specialist. They will take xrays of her patellas, and grade them.

    Since she is limping you should have her checked out by an orthopedic vet.

    Call the vet and ask for a refferal to a orthopedic specialist.

    She could be in pain if she is limping so it is best she be checked out.

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    Call all the vets in your area as th price varies widely.Maybe find a vet that willing to let you pay the bill off,poor Chihuahua.Hope you do get her knees fixed.Till there fixed, give her pain relief made for dogs.

  • If she limps she def. needs to see a vet. Knee caps could be slipping, painful.

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