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How many of the candidates running really want to secure our borders?

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    They also have to consider the $1 billion worth of goods that cross the US/Canadian border every day...are you really willing to put YOUR JOB on the line by closing the border?

    Most politicians (the ones with the higher IQ's, anyway) don't want to risk the jobs, either.

    As for the illegals on the Mexican borders - Who else are you going to get to pick your tomatoes, clean you toilets , and perform the other work you refuse to do- at expolitatively low wages?

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    None of the Dimocrats; they all want open borders and amnesty for all the illegal aliens in the USA. Mcain, Huckabee, and Giuliani all have poor records on illegal immigration. Thompson and Romney talk tough about it, but they are recent converts.

    Only Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, and Ron Paul can be trusted to secure our borders, and to enact policies and enforce our laws that will encourage illegal aliens to leave our country!

    Source(s): Presidential candidates and their records on the immigration issue:
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    Ron Paul

    Tom Tancredo

    Those are the ONLY ones who haven't changed their stance on wanting our border(S) secured since running for president.

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    1 - Fred Thompson.

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    I think only Ron Paul is serious about it.

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