Is she changing her mind?

here I go never cheated physically on my gf. But I did talk to women ,and my ex online and myspace. My gf found out, but I did it again. But I never went out. She told me she upset and needs her space, because she has to think. I said ok. She said I will call you, but you can call me too. I also asked her if she would like to escort me to my friends daughter wedding. She say I don't think so. This morning I got up, and have a voice mail message, not angry but lonely. I see your out, I'll call you someother time. This was at 1am and I was sound asleep. She also sent me an email saying I will attend your friends weddings. I love this woman alot. Do you think she is starting to forgive, or is this a normal .

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  • 1 decade ago
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    She might be open to forgiving you but if you really love her you really should learn what it is she needs to feel loved by you. It sounds to me like you might want to do less communicating with other women and get to know the great woman you're blessed to have in your life.

  • 1 decade ago

    She requires lots of attention and assurance that you love her.

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