Why can't we all get along?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Don't judge on the color of skin, but on the content of character." These wise words seem to fall on deaf ears in society. Racism and ignorance is still thriving, how can we live up to the dream of Dr. King?

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    The problem is there are to many people in the vast melting pot of ours that insist their way is right... and that just incites confusion. It certainly makes the fight for equality harder.

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    Humans are social animals. We like to form groups of people that we can identify as being "like us". What makes these groups "like us" can be any arbitrary criteria like sexual orientation, race, skin colour, religion, football team. Anyone who isn't "like us" is not considered to be part of the tribe and is therefore either less worthy of consideration, or the enemy. For many people this is how they judge others - on these purely made-up and inconsistent evaluation criteria. You must have seen people who don't appear to like each other suddenly get along because they support the same team. It's completely irrational, but then humans aren't always rational.

    The more that people are exposed to people who are different the less likely they are to be subject to these knee-jerk evaluations. That's why people in big cities tend to be more tolerant than in areas out in the sticks.

    I think the Internet presents us with a great opportunity to expose people across the world to each other's cultures and viewpoints. With luck, that exposure will help us become more tolerant and less judgmental in our outlook.

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    I live in NYC and people (for the most part) get along. They don't necessarily become friends.

    But I visited L.A. this past summer and I always thought that people would "get along" just if they worked or lived near each other. WRONG!

    I don't know what the answer it. But even in countries with homogeneous race make up - they always manage to find something to hate about somebody. In our society it is just convenient to find the "them" in Blacks, browns, gays, lesbians, etc.

    But we can all still hope.

    Good Luck.

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    The above poster would be a prime-A example of why we all just can't get along.

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  • Ignorance will forever exist.


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    1 decade ago

    I dearly wish we the world would.

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    *sigh* 92156Td ...ppl like that is why we cant all just get along =[

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