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Why would my girlfriend get so much enjoyment out of making me model one of her really frilly bra and?

undie sets. We were playing around in the bedroom and I foolishly agreed to this. OMG you would have thought she won the superbowl. She didn't stop giggling and laughing from the moment she picked out the silky stuff for me to wear till I finally got it off. Why was this so much fun for her and is this normal for a woman?


Any idea why I felt totally weak and silly in this silky girly attire? It was is if she had all the power as she was teasing me and I had none?

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    Well you have a lot of answers and many of them are good so all I have to say is Kudos to you for being a good boyfriend & sport about it even though you have no idea why she wanted you to do it. To me all that matters is you made her happy and you shouldn't be ashamed of it in any way. Even if she tells the whole world all you did was show her you care about her enough to do anything for her and there is no shame in that. again Kudos to you.

  • Dr. D
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    Yep, your girlfriend is a fun, quirky, a few cards off of a full deck, adventurous, sexy gay... You are so lucky. Yes, she sounds like a keeper.

    She's just playing some role reversal, she probably enjoys the role playing. No doubt she'll have some other tricks up her sleeve.

    Don't let it make you feel weak, just join in the fun and tease her back. You are probably worried about what others might think if they see see you.. Yes, it is silly. If anyone asks you tell them that you're just doing it for your girlfriend, they will understand.

  • maxmom
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    It was just silly play.

    That is why she was giggling and laughing. It's not about power or anything deeper than being goofy.

    Men dressed up in women's undies and clothes have been part of comedy sketches forever.

  • Anonymous
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    Because you are such a push over and agreed to put her undies on in the first place....If you don't like her giggling and laughing at the sight of you wearing her things.....and you feel weak and silly...I would suggest that you don't agree to put on her things in the future....

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    I think you need to lighten up some. I mean it happened in the bedroom. Unless she is running around telling everyone about it. Just keep it was a joke between you two. My hubby and I have some jokes that only we understand or know, sometimes it's nice to have those.

  • Nick
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    I think it's fun, My wife loves it. It's not something your girlfriend see's everyday and for some women it's a turn on. Its a little about power, its a little about just looking funny. But also you're doing something that makes you feel weak and you wouldn't do that for just anyone, only for her.

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    lol , its funny. i bought a thong for my boyfriend (male rip-off thong) and i really didnt think he would wear it...but he bursted out of the bathroom in it and i will never forget it!! it was i think the most hilarious moment of my life. I think us women get so excited becasue it is just silly to see you guys like that!! i was non stop laughing too!!! as for you feeling powerless, naturally you would. you dont normally wear those things so you should have felt weird in them

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    You answered itb yourself. It was because it was a role reversal, and for a little bit you felt like how it was to be her. It can be a giggle, dont be ashamed, exploration is interesting and opens your mind to diferent points of view.

  • Geez, lighten up. Have fun with it. Model it, put on your gay act, whatever. Indulge her. Just don't go around wearing that stuff under your clothes.

    Isn't there something that she could do that you would have the same reaction as she did? Don't be so uptight, dude!


  • Yvette
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    How fun! Umm lol, now I got a great idea for the bf bwuhahahahaha!

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