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Getting a tattoo after graduating OSUT.?

I have 9 tattoos (technically listed as 8 because 2 go together) including one on each forearm. They were all documented and approved by recruiter/MEPS/Batallion XO. I am under the impression I am not supposed to get any more until after I report for and complete my OSUT training. After I graduate if I decide to get another tattoo must I ask for permission first or do I get the tattoo and then have to report it to have it documented? None of them will be offensive.

MEPS never took pictures of any of my tattoos. I've been told they were supposed to.


I forgot to mention, I do know the policy regarding offensive tattoos and hands/face/neck.

Update 2:

Recon, I don't know what POG stands for. I am doing OSUT for Infantry in the Army in January so my basic and advanced are back to back in the same place

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    You have to let them know your tattoos and any intentifying marks/scars on your body to be put in your records simply for identification. As long as any tattoo you get are not visible past the wrist or on or above the neck, and are not offensive/vulgar/sexually expicit/gang related/drug related, you are good. Most soldiers go get tat'd after basic or AIT. They dont care about you getting tattoos anymore, as long as you follow the rules. Guy in my last unit would go drop $100-$500 a month of new ink. So you will be fine.

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    As far as getting permission after OSUT, you technically are supposed to but no one does. just make sure that they are within the new regs. I don't suggest getting another tattoo until after OSUT, unless you have plenty of time to let it heal before you leave. i am almost positive the only reason they wanted to see your tattoos was to make sure that they were not offensive and or gang related. You said OSUT and not basic which kinda implies that your not a POG so i don't recommend going with the crowd and getting an MOS tattoo. you don't know if you'll get out or re class. get a feel for the Army first before you do other wise you'll probably regret it, plus I love ******* with the guys that get crossed rifle's I always tell them I know a good artist that can give them a real mans tattoo, crossed sabre's that is. RECON!!

    Good look with OSUT follow orders and always be at least 15 mins early and you'll be straight. never let em see you sweat!!


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    they listed my tattoos when I enlisted.. and they listed the ones I had when I was discharged,noone ever took a picture , they were just described in writing and to get one when I was in the service you had to put in a special request chit or you could get written up for destruction of goverment property... I think todays standards are they must not be gang related or visible wearing your uniform. We had one sailor that was constantly getting sent to the brig for various reasons.. he got "FTN" tattooed on his neck and was discharged. Your body is Goverment property while in the service... PS be careful when and where you get your tattoo , you don't need to catch HEP C

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    I know my Brother got in trouble for getting one while he was drunk.

    S'far as I know no pictures are needed from MEPS. I have 6 and they never took pictures of mine.

    So yeah, 90% sure you need to put in a request.

    Remember, that still leaves, like, 10% error in my favor. >_>

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