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Im Trying To Play The 10 Day Free Trial Of WoW But It Wont Let Me!!! World Of Warcraft?

Ive downloaded and installed the game, when i go onto the login screen i type in my name and password, it works, then it says "update completed, click here to restart WoW" so i click the restart button below. It closes the game and takes me to the desktop, then i click on the game again and log in and the same thing happens again over and over!! What am i doing wrong? how can i just start playing without none of that update nonsense? thanks!


After once again pressing the restart button, its not taking me back to the desktop and now the blizzard downloader is downloading another 465mb of stuff, will it work after this?

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    It's downloading all the necessary patches for the game. Give it a few times and it will log you in when it's finally finished. You can't start playing the game without them, there's no way around it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    every wow server has its patch so maybe you just dont have the right patch

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