Is SAHM difficult to resume full-time work after her children reach school age?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do you mean is it difficult to get hired after taking a break to stay at home? If that's what you're saying, then the answer is unfortunately yes.

    I don't regret the time I spent staying at home, but there were some difficulties involved in the job search.

    When I had my daughter, I had 5 years of experience in my field and also a college degree. I naively thought that re-entering the workforce in a few years would be no big deal.

    Fast forward 3 years...I pretty much had to start near the bottom and work my way back up the ladder again. (I re-entered the workforce, because it made more sense for my husband to be the at-home parent. He can work for himself part time at home and have the flexibility to be available for all the kids needs. It makes more sense for me to be the one who has the stable, outside-the-home job.)

    Was it worth it? Absolutely. The time at home with my children was irreplaceable. Even though I essentially had to start from near the bottom again, I'd still do it all over if I had the chance. (I just wish I would have *expected* that difficulty in advance. lol)

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    I think if you were a sahm for that long you can resume "work" very easily.Raising a baby is one of the hardest,most challenging thing a parent can do so the working world will then be a peice of cake.But remember,the family comes first.Don't over extend yourself for the job.Find something where you have most of the control so your family time won't suffer.Just because your kids are in school now doesn't mean they don't need you home for them after school or on nights and weekends.And don't forget dad too.Still needs lovin!!Good luck and congrats.

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    I think so. It might be difficult for the SAHM because she is used to being home and having to punch a clock can be stressful, BUT it could also be difficult if they have been out touch and find themselves unskilled. Finding work is difficult enough when you have a degree, but nowadays employers want you to have the letters behind your name AND experience.

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    1 decade ago

    Probably just as difficult as it was for me going back to school full time at a prestigious university after 5 years off.

    Its tough, but some things are necessary. Just do it! Don't be one of THOSE moms. lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    It depends what you do. If you're in a field where the rules are constantly changing, then it will be harder (financial, legal, ect). If you're a teacher, I imagine it wouldn't be that hard.

    You should read journals published from your field to keep up with everything while you're at home.

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