When should I call her again?

I finally talked to this girl that I really like at school on Friday (two days ago) and asked for her number and she gave it to me. I called her yesterday but we only got to talk for about 8 minutes because she had to get ready for work. Would it be appropriate to call again today, or would that seem too desperate? We've been emailing each other back and forth and I am 95% sure she likes me and she's even said in a message, "hopefully u do get to call.", but if I call her two days in a row, would that be too much?

Her cell phone isn't working so she gave me her home # so I cant really text her. If I want to talk, I have to call.

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    Call. This in real life, it isn't about playing games. There's not rules to follow -so talk to her. After all, she gave you her home number so that you could talk. And since the last call was shortened by her need to go to work, you're really seen to be just finishing the original call. Just pick a time when she can talk for a while - there's no point otherwise. And if your interested, make a date with her. You'll find out much more about her if it's in person.

    Good luck!

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    I dont do that because it would seem desperate but if a girl tells you to call with the word hopefully in front of it then i will call.

  • I'd leave it for today. Surely you'll see her tomorrow in school anyway?

    Talk to her in school on Monday.


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    Dude you are fine, if you want to call her then call her. She will appreciate that you did instead of playing games of when to call or not

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    Be brave. Just call her whenever you think of her. Let her know you miss her.

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