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What are some good snacks?

It's for my 10 year old brother and I when we come inside from sledding and playing outside. We're usually very tired and hungry when we come inside. I'm 14, if it makes a difference.

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    Try some homemade trail mix - it is a good pick me up and contains lots of good things for energy - my kid love this.

    Trail Mix - use any quantities of the following that you like - mix and match - use the things you like..


    Dried cranberries

    Dried Pineapple

    Apple chips

    Banana chips

    Mixed nuts

    Pistachio nuts

    Dried blueberries



    Sunflower seeds - shelled

    Dried papaya

    Dried mango

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    Dried fruit such as figs and raisins are great snacks for boosting energy levels (no more than 4 or 5 figs or you'll get a stomach ache) and high in iron too. Or have a bag of mixed nuts plus maybe a few hobnob or ginger biscuits.

    Top athletes are also known to reguarly eat bananas as well.

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    Homemade Oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, fruit bits (raisins, cranberries, cut up dried apricots or whatever you like)and nuts, (pecans, walnuts, almonds) pick what you like and experiment, you can make one batch and add different stuff to it, just separate the dough and go for it....use real butter and "old fashioned" oats, the quick kind turn your cookies mealy....ick.

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    bananas are great for giving you energy and they are healthy choice. also peanut butter and celery together are good. grapes are yummy. apples are good but they may make you more hungry. i think bananas are the best choice by far.

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    Hot Cocoa, fruit or a muffin

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    mince pies

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