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How can I house train my dog better?

Other people living in the house say he must go if he keeps having accidents.

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    How old is your dog,if he is a puppy it is only natural, it does not know any better they have to trained to go outside.He is still a baby

    If he is an adult dog is it allowed to go ourdoors or do you let it out to do its tioletry.

    If it is an adult put it outside when he wakes up or when he has eaten.

    If your dog is sniffing the floor and going in circles that is when

    it wants to do somthing put it out side.,and when you see your dog doing somthing have treats on you somthing he realy likes.And praise him for good behavier thats when you see hime do somthing.

    Nover under any cercumstance smack or shout at him he does not know he is doing somthing bad.

    For a puppy you can put newspaper down on the floor where

    he sleeps, and put grass on the paper put him on it let him smell the grass every time he wakes and after he has eaten

    show him the paper with the grass on it.

    when he does his firtst pee or poo give him lots of praise.

    Then once he is going on the paper start moving the paper and grass further away from where he sleeps. Towards the door till you outside.

    This was told to me by a Dog Behavrist.

    You did not say wether the house is yours or your sharing.

    Source(s): GSD Handler & Trainedr
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    How old is the dog? An older dog is more difficult to house-train because they are set in their ways, but any dog can be house broken with enough persistence and time.

    The number one thing when house-training a dog is constant vigilance - you can't just give up after a few accidents, and you can't be lazy about letting them out several times a day, and praising them lavishly when they go outside. I would suggest picking up a book on house-training your dog to give you lots of tips and tricks (the "... for Dummies" series of books is great, look for one about house-training, I know there is one). Good luck!

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    The simplest and quickest way to housetrain a puppy or dog is to use a crate. It works with his natural instinct not to mess where he sleeps. It's important to get the right size crate, not too big and not too small though.

    Housebreaking a dog takes time, patience and... more patience! They learn through repetition and habit and if your dog has acquired bad habits you need to give him time to relearn new, better ones.

    Use an enzymatic cleaner (such as Nature's Miracle) to remove all traces of odor from the places he's already eliminated on. This will make him less likely to repeat it at that spot.

    you can find out tons of information, tips and advice on crate training at the url below. Good luck

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    Well, there's no easy way, you have to really keep an eye on him at least for the first two weeks.. take him outside regularly for like 5-10 minutes and praise him as he finished his 'job'. When you cant keep an eye on him, put him in a crate, but of course you cant put him in for too long.. It's not easy, it made me cry when i got my 1st puppy.. but he's doing great now!

    Be patient and good luck!;o)

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    It just takes persistence and commitment.

    You must be consistent as the owner in taking your dog out.

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    When it goes to the bathroom in the house say no and when it goes outside praise it!

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    bond with them, gain their trust and give them love\treats.

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