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Why would my girlfriend get so much enjoyment out of making me model one of her really frilly bra and?

undie sets. We were playing around in the bedroom and I foolishly agreed to this. OMG you would have thought she won the superbowl. She didn't stop giggling and laughing from the moment she picked out the silky stuff for me to wear till I finally got it off. Why was this so much fun for her and is this normal for a woman?


Any idea why I felt totally weak and silly in this silky girly attire? It was is if she had all the power as she was teasing me and I had none?

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    I wouldn't stress too much about it man. I mean, girls are silly. If she was just laughing and giggling, I don't think she got turned on by it or anything...she just wanted to have control for a minute, and she got it by getting you to try on her girly stuff. She just felt like being silly.

    As far as why you felt weak and, it was because you are a straight man with completely normal tendencies (by that I don't like to dress as a woman) so of course you felt weak and silly...what guy wouldn't?

    Like I said, I think you're worrying too much. If she had fun, I'd say screw it, do it again if she asks. It's all fun and games...just don't let her take pictures. Otherwise your next question will be about getting your nudey pics off the net. lol That was a joke man, don't worry. Sounds to me like you have a normal relationship.

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    Strangely enough I am guilty of having my boyfriend wear my things. I don't think it is a big deal. I just thought it was funny to see him wearing my things.

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    u should not do it

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