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help for science board? i'm in the 10th grade....?

okay so for my science research class we were forced to choose any random topic to research and then enter into a competition....i chose nanotubes and their electroncic properties: solar powered devices? i have research...but now my presentation i have no idea what to do for it...we have to use you know those standard tri-fold boards...i want it to stand out be different but my topic is boring!!!...any ideas pics any thing!!!

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    my daughter has had to make many of these things and frankly everything she has done has been boring..what i do is use colored makes it stand out to the eye..doesnt change the topic from being boring but it will look good..pick three or four colors of paper that go well together ....start by using one big sheet in the top left use another color to be the frame of whatever you type to put in that box....go around the poster board doing that...

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