Texans- how would you respond to an invitation from Arkansans to join to prosecute America's traitors???

In defense of the union as a whole both of our states could seize and dismantle the two most destructive and threatening forces underming prosperiety and liberty infecting our nation today. Those being the Wal-Mart monopoly seizing larger sections of society everyday to include government at every level and our border security. I believe for posterity we need also scutinize any and all governmental actions or policy adjustments which have served the private financial interests represented by the Bush/Clinton administrations of the past two decades. Our state constitutions provide us the tool by which to cure terminal cancers on our republic. This is the challenge of our generation and our duty to our ancestors and our children. Treason trials for traitors, the dismantlement of Wal-Mart and all aid to Communism's global resurgence and border security due our children's right to safety and our worker's right to livable wages and respect. The south will win this war without a shot!


WMT paved the road through corrupting government to profiteer from slavery. Had Bill not thrown open the door enabling WMT to pour money into the failing Communist regime of China in 1994 our world would likely have been blessed with a vibrant FREE China by 2000. WMT saved Communism to secure cheap labor for the forseeable future. That is treason.

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    this is a "RANT"

    you are a mis-informed but obviously concerned individual

    put your talents and concerns to productive use.

    Wal-mart has done more for the low and middle class then most any retailer in our history, the reason Wal-mart hurts so many "mom & pop" type retailers in many smaller towns was the fact that those little retailers were raping their communities selling the same things as wal-mart at hugely inflated prices. those businesses that were fair to their communities survived and prospered with wal-mart. wal-mart has made a huge effort to be a good member of their communities, provide jobs, services, benfits available to employees who would have never had and oppurtunity to buy health insurance or own stock, goods and a reasonable price and they are a good business partner for their purveyors.

    border security is a good place for you to focus as we must secure our borders we must do it now. arkansas, texas and the whole country needs to focus on this issue.

    I did not answer your question so I guess my answer is a "RANT"

    we should both be "deported"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Whaa? You might want to read the guidelines about ranting.

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