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Is charleigh an ok name for a girl? how would you spell it? like charlee charley or charleigh?

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    this is great.

    well. i think charleigh sounds best. because it is quite feminine.

    is this the name of you and garbears child?

    its cute. you should pick me as a best answer. because im cool. and my answer is very helpful.

    i also like the name mallorie rae, but i couldnt answer that question because you deleted it.


    but anyways.

    i love you.

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    I really like Charlie as a nickname for a girl. However, I hate it as a given name. It sounds trashy. Can you imagine sending out wedding announcements with Charlee Smith on it? I would absolutely use Charlotte as a given name. Charlotte Smith is much nicer to put on legal documents. You might like Charlene as a given name, if Charlotte isn't your style

    Any of the spellings for a nickname are fine. I personally like Charli, Charly, or Charleigh best, just because they look more feminine than the traditionally male Charlie and Charley.

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    I'd rather just go with Charlotte, a beautiful, classic name, and use the nickname Charlie/Charley. Even a name like Charla sounds much more formal than simply Charley - that way, she could have the option of spelling her nickname Charlie any way she wants. She might turn out more feminine and like Charleigh, or more tomboyish and go with Charlie. Who knows lol. However you spell it, I love the name, especially the idea of using a 'boy's' name for a girl (though this idea doesn't always work, it usually just sounds awesome, like Riley or Sam).

    Oh, and I also like giving the fuller, more formal name in case she doesn't like the idea of being called Charley at all - maybe she'll turn out to be too much of a girl. That way, she could always just ask people to use Charlotte as a full name. Same goes for something like Sam - if she hates the nicknames Sam and Sammy, she could go with Samantha, or Samara, Samaire, etc or whatever her real name is.

    Good luck!

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    I'm sorry, but I don't like "Charleigh" -- any spelling -- as a given name for ANYONE. I do, however, quite like Charley as a childish nickname for Charles, or Charlie for Charlotte, Charlize or some other actual formal version. But in all honesty, a 20-, 30- or even 60-year-old would likely appreciate an adult name to fall back on, even if you plan on calling them by a cutesy, juvenile familiar form 99% of the time. Would you really want to have to put "Charleigh" on your college applications, wedding invitations, business cards, office door, political ballot, etc.?! In all seriousness, you don't know what your child might one day hope to acheive, so it makes little sense to limit them with a nickname form.

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    I don't like it, it's way too cutesy and trendy/masculine. No offense but each spelling you chose is atrocious IMO! How about Charlotte, that way you can call her Charlie as a child and she can be taken seriously when she's an adult.

    Just look at it like this, this is going to sound sound harsh but when she wants to get a job when she's older, they're more likely to hire an Elizabeth than a Charleigh.

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    does it sound like Charley or Sharlee?

    I know a little girl name Charleigh pronounced Sharlee

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    I know a girl named Charlie she was named after her uncle but Charli or Charlee or Charleigh look feminine

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    yes, it was her name in Monster in Law, only it was Charlotte, and she was called Charlie. I think it is best to name her Charlotte and call her Charlie.





    I don't like Charleigh, it looks too fancy posh to be Charlie.

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    Well I like Charleigh but you can also call her Charlese

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    I know an adult Charlee (pronounced like 'shar-lee') and she doesn't seem to have suffered for having that name, haha. She is tomboy-ish, intelligent, confident and talented.

    If you and your husband like the name and don't feel your daughter will have problems because of it, use it. Charleigh would be easy enough for most people to guess its pronunciation, easier than my friend Charlee's name.

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    I think that Charlee is an awesome name for a girl. I have a daughter with this name. It is a really cute name.

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