mono/strep throat maybe??

so for like a week i've had a sore throat on my right side .. i kindve ignored it but yesterday it really hit me. my gland is really swollen and like bulging out of my neck, the pain is all the way up into my ear, i def. cant swallow without flinching .. it hurt so bad i cried yesterday. it feels like there is something stuck in the back right side of my throat, and the pain is all the way into the back of my head. i have a headache and i'm tired 24/7. my mom said it might be strep throat or mono or something .. i have a boyfriend but i don't really share stuff with many people .. pretty much the whole entire right side of my head hurts. i can barely open my mouth and when i talk some words sound different. does anyone have any idea what this could possibly be? i can't go to the doctor until at least tomorrow .. i can't stand this pain=[


btw my temp. last night was 98.6

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    If it is mono, you want prednisone or another corticosteroid medication to reduce the inflammation and make it so that you can swallow and eat again. In the meantime, take ibuprofen and/or tylenol and try drinking something warm like hot chocolate or coffee.

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    It definetly sounds possible that you have mono. You are best off going to the doctor as soon as you can. In the meantime, drink lots of water, get rest, avoid strenuous activity and try to make it through until morning. If you have mono, the doctor might be able to give you some medicine to help alleviate your symptoms, but it's a virus so there wont be much that he can do. Go to the doctor first thing tomorrow and good luck!

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    Take some Tylenol, or something, not Aspirin unless you are over 20. It sounds to me like Mono, I've had Strep, and this sounds like it could be either, but I would guess Mono. Go to the Dr. as soon as possible, but until then, rest, and try eating or drinking something cold, it will help with the swelling.

    Source(s): I had Strep a few years ago, and a friend of mine has Mono right now, so I've been reading about it. Hope you get well soon.
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    Drink bottled water for awhile or boil the tap water. Sometimes the tap water has a high bacteria count and creates problems with tonsils. Filtered tap water in the refrigerator breeds bacteria due to the elimination of chlorine. Could also be something you're eating.

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    Check for white spots on your tongue, if you have them, you have strep. If not here are some possibilities:

    1. Bad tooth - brush teeth, use antiseptic mouth wash

    2. Tonsilitis (if you still have tonsils)- look for redness, gargle with salt water

    3. Clogged salivary gland- sour lemon drops

    4. Viral infection- nothing you can do, it will run its course

    5. Mumps- it will go away eventually

    Good luck

    Source(s): Had 'em all
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    if your cheast hurts iss broncidus go onlien and resurch side affects of bronchidus..... note if it is its veryt serius and u would need to get the meds soon becuase it can turn into nemonia untreated

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