how to clean my havaiana slippers?

I have a nice pair of havaiana rubber slippers. They are a pleasure to wear but the only problem is they are white. they are real pretty but I find it next to impossible to get them real clean. so can you offer me a few tips to get my havaianas nice and clean white again?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Oh gee Peter, I'd say first of all never wear white after Labor Day. Plastic is unhealthy for your body so throw them away and buy leather slippers. Preferably in a darker color.....If that is not an option you could try scrubbing them with vinegar and baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, or as Billy Mays would say.."Don't just clean em, Oxi clean em !"

    He also screams Kaboom....

    Source(s): Other than Oxi clean, my own experience as being a house cleaning slave
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