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kiss, kiss?!?

ohkayy.. just like 3 days ago my boyfriend kissed me on the cheek, this is the first time in our relationshipp && i was wonderingg is there anything he is expecting me to do. like kiss him back or im not really sure. im kinda nervous about doing that though is there anywayy if thats what im supposedd to do to calm my nerves?!? help me please!!


well thanks for all of your thoughts. but we have talkedd about it && i found out he would like me to kiss him back.. but i have no clue how?!? any ideas?!?

but thanks for those thoughts guys!

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    Er, sorry. If you want to kiss him back on the cheek, go ahead and do it. If you are nervous give him a smile and maybe try to hold his hand. Don't think about it too much and don't do anything that you feel uncomfortable with. I'd go with the holding hands thing and when you are ready go ahead and give him a little peck on the cheek.

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    There is no pressure, he was just letting you know he cares. If you feel like it, then go ahead and kiss him back, whether on the cheek or lips! He's already made the first move, broken the ice, all you have to do is responde, with a hug, or another kiss, or even a smile.

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    well after he kisses you on the cheek again, smile, and lean in for a little peck on the lips.

    tilt your head to the left and make sure he does to so your noses wont bump.

    hehe, dont worry bout it, ask him if he can teach you how to kiss.

    i did that to my boyfriend when we wanted to french kiss, and he thought it was hot that he got to teach me the way he likes it, and that i had enough guts to ask.

    haha good luck ♥

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    Of course you need to kiss him! He is trying to give you a hint that he wants to without being to forward. If you shy away he will think that you don't want to. So if you want to go ahead and give him one back

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    thats really sweet you could kiss him back on the cheek or be like awww thanks just kinda go with the flow there no set rules for kissing someone really

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    u dont have to kiss him back, just smile. or if you want to kiss him back, go for the lips...if your ready.

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    aww tht is soo cute

    just go with the flow

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    um i guess you just have to go slow and if he doesnt react then really fast or hard idk thats just how my friends had it happen

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