When representing a winery and trying to promote/sell the wine how do I begin? Where to start?

I've began compilling a list of distibutors in my state. Although I would like to adhear to proper guidlines. I've never been a Wine Rep. so this is all new- any tips, suggestions, and relivant ideas are appreciated.

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    I got my start with the little mom & pop grocery stores & gas stations that had beer & wine licenses. Try there first, generally the little places are interested in picking up a local winery's product. Then contact the local distributor, and see if they know of any places you might have missed, or if they might be interested in distributing your product themselves.

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    I would think that one way to help promote the local wineries, would be to have them get together, and host a weekend of wine tasting. You could also get a few bakeries and local restaurants involved with it.

    You sell the tickets for a set amount (I've paid $15 to get in), hand people a wine glass that says something about the event (don't put the year on, it will mean having to find a way to unload the glasses later) and a cork puller. For those who are under age, have them wear a paper bracelet (like the kind used at amusement parks) and don't give them a cork puller.

    If each winery wants, they can sell a glass of wine to those who wish to have more than just a sample. I've seen the price for that at around $4 to $5 per glassful. Each winery would also be able to sell bottles of wine to those who really enjoy the wines and want to do their part to promote the local wineries. It would also help if the local wineries embrace the idea of people going to them directly, to purchase wines by the case. (Most wineries already do this. It's where they get the majority of their money.)

    I've seen where the wineries set it up so that if you buy 3 or more bottles of their wine, they will reduce the price of all 3 bottles. Such as, 3 bottles of wine for $25, where it normally costs $10 per bottle. Also, at the festivals, sales tax is usually not charged for any of the wines or foods sold. Remember, this is a promotional thing.

    I hope I've helped a little. Good luck in your endeavors.

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    The position either in a store or resutrant (?) the winery is called Sommelier.

    I know nothing about sales or promotions..

    but you have,, what seems an excelent start..

    prepare a resume and request an interview to better prepare yourself.

    there is school for Mixology (?) independent privat training, cooking schools, internship,, possiable part time work in the winery and field..

    Looking from out here, I would imagine some may be family members.. but many grocery - deli - speciality - stores have sommelier positions.

    I only know of one market..

    corti bros in Sacramento CA

    ask questions leave applications and always check back..

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