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I went to my usual appointment at 17 weeks. This time I thought something was wrong. We were there for 5- 10 minutes and couldn't find the babies heartbeat. So she did an ultra sound, and luckily she found it. She said everything looked fine, the baby was healthy, and the placenta looked good.... but Im still worried bc she is sending me to get more blood tests done that you normally don't get done. I have to get my liver checked on and also my kidneys. I have lost about 20 pounds since I became pregnant. This is my 3rd baby and even though I have been through this twive. I still get worried over everything. What do you think? If you were me would you think twice about it or just go on like nothing happened. Why couldn't see find the heartbeat. She kept checking my heart rate at the same time. I guess Im just worried and wanted to know what other people thought

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  • Barbra
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    1 decade ago
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    She is probably being careful. It's better to check things out. You said she's checking your liver and kidneys; well, that's why she's checking your blood. If she sees anything that doesn't look right; she can send you to a specialist. It certainly doesn't hurt to be concerned and it's important to ask any questions that you may have. If you don't hear anything from the blood work in a week or so; give her office a call and ask about the results.

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  • Anonymous
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    no dont worry, about the heart rate thing at least, the baby is still small and sometimes its hard to get the heartbeat, i remember how hard it was for my doctor, it sometimes took longer then 10 minutes, the ultrasound just makes it easier to find thats all.

    you say you lost 20 lbs with this pregnancy, well there you go. thats probably why she's giving you extra tests.. your not supposed to lose weight when your pregnant. but i would trust the doctor and let her do what she does , good luck and congrats

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