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Why does my 10 year old Mini Schnauzer get close to the front of the space heater?

My dog likes to be in front of the space heater while I am on the computer. I am always there with her but I am worried she might get too close. I just had her groomed with a kennel cut. Should I get her a sweater to keep her warm?

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    She is probably cold as you have had her hair cut, perhaps a little jacket or sweater is in order. She may also feel the cold as she is aging, or a combination of both, but she also wants to be close to you.

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    Why would YOU sit in front of a space heater? She's probably cold! She also probably wants to be close to you. She may or may not like a sweater, it depends on the dog, but if she doesn't like the sweater idea so much, invest in a squishy dog bed and place it near the heater, but not right next to it. Or even cheaper, just set her in your lap while you're on the computer. =)

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    she's OLD. she's probably COLD. i grew up with six different breeds of dog, and i'd say definitely go with the sweater.

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