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Popular Screensavers - Safe to download?

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    as a general rule... NO!!!!!!! A lot of them have active content, or open a backdoor into your computer so that information about your browsing habits is sent back to a company that will send you targeted ads and popups.

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    Some screen savers has virus in it. So be sure to know where you are downloading from. A trusted website is good for starters. Anyway, Download.com provide some free screen saver that are safe to download, maybe you can take a look. =)

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    maximum show screen savers marketed by making use of popup classified ads and banner classified ads on web content and places like myspace tend to be chock finished us undercover agent ware and malware. some places i'm confident have stable screensavers devoid of any unsightly surprises, yet i'd heed with warning. in case you nonetheless desire to objective them out, get carry of them to a separate folder, then test them with an anitvirus.

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    Should be but as always have an up to date anti-virus package running as well as an adware scanner.


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    probberly not, the screen saver will be nasty and you will be left with toolbars you dont want...



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