It's been said that since animals don't have language that don't have beliefs....?

but what about the parrot are they considered animals. So wouldn't prove that argument invalid?

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    1 decade ago
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    "Language" isn't the ability to imitate speech-like sounds, which is what a parrot is doing. It's the ability to associate meaning with those sounds.

    And "beliefs" are so far up the ladder of human abilities, they're not even worth considering in animals.

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    That argument is flawed, but, not for the reason you have used as an example. The words that parrots speak are no a true language as they are only imitating our sounds without any real meaning to them. However, most animals do have a language, some very complex and therefore could formulate beliefs if this were the only criterium. Belief systems require more than language skills though, and the abstract thought processing that is inherent to them seems to be lacking in most if not all other species. Good luck and God Bless.

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    humans can not communicate with animals, so who knows if they have a belief system. And Parrots Mimic sounds, very few have the ability to make up their own sentences.

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    Beliefs, as opposed to knowledge, are unique to humans. They stem from an evolved desire to understand things coupled with the inability to understand everything. So, the human chooses to increase his comfort level by believing things that reduce his inborn need to understand-- beliefs are like blanks or dummies filling in those gaps where we are unable to acquire knowledge.

    Beliefs have nothing to do with language. Early man probably had beliefs about the sun and the stars before he developed language to express those beliefs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Animals do have languages. They also have beliefs. It's only that people don't understand them that's why they seem absent.

    And by the way, in some contexts, we are also animals. We are saying that we have languages and beliefs.

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    and what about elephants, they have graveyards.

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