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Class Pet For Middle School?

well my teachers tarantula died and it was our class pet any ideas on new class pets. we are in MIDDLE SCHOOL.

i dosen't matter if it bites because we don't relly hold it anyway and somting that we can just leave out extra food out during the holidays

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    a hamester. :) it is small and easy to take care of. or a bunch of fish in a tank. fish a live without food 4 a couple days. (3 days)

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    None, class pets, past the Kindergarten level are a distraction, and do not belong in a classroom setting.

    Teachers/students should concentrate on academics; like English, especially spelling in this case; rather than a warm fuzzy.

    If children like/want pets, they should talk to their parents.

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    A rabbit./

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    A hamster ")

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