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ok so i tumbled really hard?

ok so i was walking down the stairs in my house and i slipped and i have this really big bruise from my butt all the way up to where my bra is

how long do u think it will take for the bruise to go away?

cuz i cant sit or laugh and it hurts to move

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    hold on. i need to stop laughing to seriously answer this question .

    i dont think i can.


    it will b awhile, hun

    stuff happens, eh?

    .... hurts to move.... u crack me up. wouldn't want to crack u up tho. u'll get bruised.

    ok. ok. im sorry. i feel your pain

    not literally

    but metaphorically

    only not that either

    gosh. this is a long rambling answer


    dont fall down the stairs. learn from someone who shall remain nameless's sake.

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    a bruise on the butt is no big deal. a bruise on the arm is no big deal. a bruise on the leg is no big deal... However a major bruise to the abdomen or chest, and especially to both of these areas IS A BIG DEAL. How long ago did this happen? if it happened a few days ago I would be less worried however if it happened recently there could be serious problems especially if you fell "really hard". There is no way for me to tell you that your fine or tell you when the pain will go away without the type of equipment in the ER. With major bruising like that there is a possibility that you hurt some internal organs. I would recommend you seek medical attention and ask the doc about it.... Ive seen a lot of falls and bruising like you describe is never a good sign.

    some things to watch for... being very lethargic, dizzy on standing, urge to vomit, vomiting, then if you vomit irregular color (dark coffee ground looking vomit that stinks like crazy), abnormal urine color, abnormal poo (like the vomit), shortness of breath, any abnormal cardiac event like feeling your heart beat real fast... etc

    if you start feeling like this go to the hosp.

    on a lighter note people go to the hospital all the time with bruised butts and legs or arms... its pretty ridiculous.

    It takes quite a while for a bruise to go away. If its just a bruise the pain should at least diminish fairly soon. unless you fractured some ribs which you very well may have and then it will hurt badly for some time.

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    It will most likely take a week for it to become comfortable again, but there is also a great possibility that you cracked a rib. So if in a week the pain is still intense I would highly consider getting an x-ray done. Hope it feels better!

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    im in the same boat as you except i fell out of 6 inch heels at the bar on thursday night about 6 times... its like my tailbone or something, Im still hurting when I need to stand up or sit down but im kinda comfortable when i stay still, i can talk, it kinda still hurts to cough... so its been 3 days for me so far, but i really do feel much better today than i did yesterday, ima guess 3-5 days you'll be pretty good

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    Have patience with yourself, it will take time. even small bruises take time to heal, and Vitamin C will help. .You will need to take something for the pain, like Tylenol or other OTC Medicine. A call to the local hospital and ask the nurse may give you more answers.

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    about 2 weeks

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    Probably a couple of weeks. Be careful, you could of cracked a rib or two or bruised your kidneys.

  • You might have cracked a rib. Go the the doctor immediately!

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    omg!! thats the niggest bruise that i have evr heard of!! u should go to the doctor because u could be seriously injured!! but good luck and God Bless!! :) ♥

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    take lite nothing will happen take medicine and dont move too much

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