Can gay men really give me advice on scoring points with women?

Please don’t think I am picking on gays. I don’t hate gay people, or make fun of them. Nuff said about that.

I bought a book called, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. I also watched the show. Is it true that gay men can tell us straight guys how to score with the ladies? I think maybe the show is just exploiting a stereotype.

Sorry, I really don’t know much about gays. From what I have seen, most don’t fit that spiffy, and sharp dressed stereotype, any more than the stereotype that says all men are mechanics..

Also if I learn to be a better dresser, etc, does that make me a “Metro sexual”?

Please explain.


Humor in your answer is a good thing.

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  • Paul
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    1 decade ago
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    Yeah, gay guys can definitely give pointers to straight guys, not just in the fashion sense though, because you're right that's frequently a stereotype. Hell, I used to go to my straight friends for fashion tips before dates, and the stuff that they told me was better that what I came up with myself. And no, I don't think if you're a snappy dresser that it makes you metrosexual. A metroseual guy is one who is obsessed with appearance to the point where his time spent in the bathroom exceeds his girlfriend's. Metrosexual guys also have more hair care products than they can count on one hand.

    However, I think gay guys can offer good advice as far as how to understand women better. My straight guy friends go to me for that all the time. For a lot of women and gay men, their mindsets are very similiar. In fact, I understand women a lot better than I do men, as weird as that may sound.

    Things for guys to know about women to help with relationships:

    1. Often when women are mad, they handle it passive-aggressively, and are therefore less direct about it. Women often build and maintain relationships by reading other people, paying close attention to emotional cues, and trying to resolve conflicts with confrontation as a last resort since they often see confrontation as a relationship threat. So woman can get stuck in this mindset where they think, "I read my bf's cues all the time, so he should be able to read mine, and figure out for himself why I'm angry." This kinda overlooks the reality that straight guys don't have that ability built in them as well and instead handle things more directly.

    2. Women are big on symbols in relationships. Pictures, gifts, quality time, phone calls, etc... are things that they see as symbols that they are loved or thought of. This is why women can get so upset if a guy forgets to call her. They see it as a symbol of the guy's lack of value for her.

    3. In conversation, men care about the basic facts, women care about sustance, detail and the bonding that comes with conversation. This is why they tell random stories about their friends or events at work/school to their boyfriends in such detail. This is also why they get upset if a guy doesn't listen to a story or doesn't want to talk about his day. The girl will see this as a sign that her boyfriend doesn't value emotionally bonding with her.

    Have a great day and happy holidays!

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    I live in Chelsea (Manhattan).... practically the gay capital of the country (besides San Fran haha) and I would say that. Outwardly, gay men do tend to know how to dress. I go to fashion school and about 85 percent of the guys here are gay. They are hot. They care about their appearance. All because a straight guy is like that, shouldnt mean he's "metrosexual". Women get turned on by guys in fitted, fashionable clothes... just like men want to see women in fitted clothes. Care about what you look like, make yourself attractive so you attract us... it's really a simple concept!

    Women also like gay guys because they are not a threat to us. They don't obnoxiously hit on us... we don't feel judged by them or objectified. We know you want us, you dont need to make us feel uncomfortable by constant reminding, especially when it is unwanted. Every girl I know at my school has these great relationships with gay guys where we constantly flirt with and hit on them, because they can play along and not get so damn serious about it. We can actually be sexually expressive with them and be 100% comfortable because they don't have that threatening masculinity complex. Not that all straights are like this by any means, but a lot.

    I think more like a dude myself though, so I wouldn't say I necessarily get along better with gay guys than straight guys. there are just the obvious advantages they have. Just be a laid back gentlemen and wear nice jeans in the process.

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    Yes, because gay men are like women and girlie, and they think like a woman. I'm not stereotyping gay men, but, all of the gay men I have seen have a girlie characteristic about them.

    Also, you can be a sharp dresser as a straight man w/o being gay.

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    Sure! Heck! A Woman can give you better advice than probably any Macho Casanova. If you dress better, you will be better dressed! You'll Have to pay more attention to your overall grooming and appearance. Become a stylish high maintenance (just below vain) dapper dude!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yeah, I would think so especially if they are close friends with women which does tend to happen!

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