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IE randomly crashing?

I've had this laptop for apx. a year and it runs now as it always has done. Suddenly IE has started crashing randomly and for no apparent reason when either I click from 'favourites' or click from a google search.

It has over 70% memory left, the virtual memory is not being used by any new or demanding applications, the system has virus and bot wear and there is no other sign of virus misdoings... any clue what is going on?

On system:

* Spybot

* Spysweeper


* Wndows Firewall On

Thoughts appreciated.

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    its a very common issue. . .i too had the same problem..

    U have to re-install the IE and get updates from Microsoft.

    Apparently there is a bug in the IE7 so i suggest u get the fixed or the newest version.

    Personally i love OPERA.. but got my INTERNET XPLORER FIXED doin the above, n its workin Fine!

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    IE sucks! I was having the same problem until I downloaded Mozilla Firefox. I haven't had one problem since then. It's a free download.

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  • Internet Explore Suck so bad.

    They are slow, buggy, not that much more secure, freezes alot.

    FireFox, and Opera is so much better, I would just delted the internet explore icon and get firefox or opera.

    Download Opera->

    Download FireFox2->

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