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Did you begin making Christmas cookies yet?

Or any other dish that you make special for this time of the year?

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    I made my first batch of the year last week. I make a big Christmas dinner, but nothing unusual.

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    Nope. We'll probably do that next weekend.

    My family does a LOT in the way of food for the holidays.

    Each year, we bake 3 to 4 types of cookies, make homemade chocolate covered pretzels, puppy chow -- the kind for people; not the kind for animals, caramel corn, brownies, a couple types of chocolate wedges, cupcakes or berry muffins, usually some type of pie, rice krispie treats, fudge, granola bars.. etc. I can't even list all of it. Lol.

    We also make, of course, the basic Christmas dinner foods. Usually we have a couple of meat courses, several salads, etc.

    It's odd, though. Christmas is the time of year when most people eat a TON, and in fact I hardly eat ANYTHING during the Christmas season.


    I think I'm weird. :[

    Ehh. Whatever. It's fun being weird.

  • Rachel
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    I'm going to be making holiday biscotti for Christmas. I haven't made it before but watched Giada on the Food Network do it and it looked easy and good. Of course, they make everything look easy - we'll see how I do.

    Yesterday I visited my Mom and she was baking her Christmas cookies so I helped decorate. Love this time of the year!!

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    Gingerbread Cookies

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    Not yet, I actually make cupcakes which I deliver to the 200 people that live in my condominum building (hey, I get kinda bored all alone) and I've only found a few recipes.

  • Of course. I haven't made the creme de menthe pies yet, though...that comes next weekend. I've already made several batches of caramel toffee corn and peanut brittle, buckeyes, cookies in general, and fudge (I'm Michiganian, fudge is my life). I also make some kind of Dutch holiday bread (woohoo, us Dutchies are AWESOME!) that is very rich and has fruits in it, but I forgot the name.

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    me, my 4 girls and 2 of my adult friends with 1 child each made them Friday. we did';

    rice krispy treats drizzled in peppermint green and red frosting

    praline pecans

    buttermilk pralines

    x-mas cut outs

    chocolate chip cookies

    green spritz wreath with red hots baked in them

    chocolate fudge

    butterscotch fudge

    chocolate penutbutter fudge with pecans

    homemade chocolate suckers.

    I always make "gifts" out of them for each bus driver, each teacher, the mailman, the old neighbors, Granparents (with a fruit basket), and for our best friends(their family)

    It is a tradition for us 3 ladies to get the kids together and they look forward to it every year. We start in the am when the kds are in school. Then everyone comes over whoevers house after school till about 11 pm. Then the next morning we meet back and devide up all the goodies.

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    I had to make 6 dozen for a Senior outreach program at my church, so I made extra with plan was to freeze them for Christmas eve, but we ate most of them....I sent some to the neighbors too.

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    I've already gone through 3 batches of rum balls and 2 batches of ginger snaps! Everyone demands them. Especially the rum balls!

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