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What do I feed a baby 1-inch gecko?

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    call ur local pet store .....they might have one or could help u find one.

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    Pin head crickets available a the pet store. Unless it is a fruit eater. Then you feed baby food from a jar. Peaches is a favorite of geckos.

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    Go to a local pet store & purchase some "Pin Head" crickets.

    Just drop them into whatever your keepning him in [hopefully a fully set up tank]

    And when he's hungry, he'll eat. The pin heads are usually very small & he'll be able to eat them.

    Is it a wild caught house gecko? If so, then yes, he'll enjoy having live food.

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    Small crickets. Livefood sellers usually have a variety of different sized crickets. Go for a size that will fit in his mouth probably micro or small.

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    1 decade ago

    a half inch worm

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