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Port Forwarding...?

Please help me! I would like to forward ports in order to use Azureus because I never get a green smile but how can I do this automatically ? Do I need some software? If yes plese tell me one but Pfconfig (I hate that!)


Nope I don't have the NAT prob but do you know any software?

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    You should not do this automatically. It isn't that hard to do it manually, and you learn more about your system also.

    Usually you log on to your router's IP address (often and set the ports you want forwarded.

    And if you have more than one computer connected to your router, you will also need to know the NETWORK IP address of the computer which is using Azureus.

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    you may have a NAT problem too

    to port forward you need to

    allow a router to use the correct port


    the software firewall you use

    and your anti virus too

    each are easy to configure

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