The person that i write to on messenger cant read what i am writing?

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    You may have a corrupt file and need to un-install then re-install Yahoo Messenger. However, before you do that, let's consider the following and try several things first. First of all, try restarting your computer to see if that resolves the problem. If not, perhaps the following solutions will work:

    1.) To run properly, Yahoo Messenger needs Sun Java, and the latest version of Adobe Macromedia Flash Player. Click on these links to make sure they are installed and up to date:

    Sun Java:

    Adobe Macromedia Flash Player:

    2.) You must have scripting enabled. To enable scripting:

    Click the "Tools" menu on your Internet Explorer toolbar and select "Internet Options."

    Click the "Security" tab.

    Click the Internet (globe) icon and click the "Custom Level" button.

    Scroll down to "Scripting."

    Enable the following:

    * Active scripting

    * Allow paste operations via script

    * Scripting of Java applets are all enabled

    Click the OK button at the bottom of the window.

    3.) You may have too many programs running in the background draining your system's resources.

    Click on: Start

    Click on: Run

    Type: msconfig

    Click on: Startup

    Uncheck: All programs which you don't need starting up every time you reboot or restart your computer.

    4.) Only have one browser window open when you are on the Internet chatting through Yahoo Messenger and close all other applications you were using such as Limewire, Paint, Word, etc. because they ALL use up memory. Having too many programs and applications running will cause your Yahoo Messenger to lag or malfunction.

    5.) If (Steps 1-4) do NOT solve your problem, try un-installing then re-installing your Yahoo Messenger:

    How to un-install Yahoo Messenger:

    Close Yahoo Messenger

    Click on: Start

    Click on: Control Panel

    Click on: Add/remove programs

    Locate and remove Yahoo Messenger

    6.) Download Yahoo Messenger.

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    Perhaps you want to change your font to the one that he has.

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