ionization energy?

why does sodium have a higher ionization energy than cesium?

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    Cesium is further down the periodic table, which means that it is a larger atom. The outermost electron is further away from the nucleus (which has the protons and does the pulling). Since it is further away, the electron is easier to leave, so the ionization energy is lower.

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    Ceasium is a much larger atom than Sodium. this is die to the extra electrons and thus mmore electron shells are present around the nucleus of the atom. As the distance between the nucleus and the valence shell electron increases the nuclear attractive force on it will decrease. as a result Ceasium loses the 1 valence electron more readily than Sodium. this is the main reason why the reactivity of the metals increases down the group.

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    Check your textbook - it's all in there. Most likely in the chapter on the Periodic Table. That's where it is in mine.

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