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Does the Army still use the M-7 bayonet?

or that multipurpose M-9 thing? I've had an M-7 for a couple years and it's badass.


Thanks for all the answers so far everyone

Gunny I am going to be Infantry in January in the Army so I'll probably be using an M-4. I don't know if the flaw you are talking about is still apparent on the M-4 or not.

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    The M9 bayonet partially replaced, but is used in addition to, the older M6 and M7 bayonets, introduced in 1957 and 1964 respectively. Many troops have retained the M7, since the M9 has a reputation for breakage due to a combination of its thin blade and varying quality among the various contractors used.

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    Still in use as are previous model-as stated above. The military often has two or three different models of things in use, unless it is a major change, and phases in introduction of even those. Distributes cost better and allows the manufacturer to produce and ship out and the services not have to store things until enough is available for everyone and do it at once. As the answers above indicate-kno\ives are like weapons a personal thing-one like the M7 better and one the M9. The Marine Corps replacement they are talking about is supposed to replace the bayonet and Ka-bar fighting knife both. To be honest you would not want to go into a bayonet fight with an M-16 period-if the stock breaks, which it probably would due to design, it is no longer operational. Problem with many of the newer assault rifles is that they have the recoil springs inside the rear stock and if joined like the M16 a weak point that will separate .

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    Yes, the M7 is still in use, even though officially replaced by the M9 Bayonet years ago, we had some in our Infantry Company in Iraq. The M7 has the reputation for Broken Tips, and is overall, a POOR knife.

    The M7 is almost impossible to properly sharpen without a file, and it's edge angle too severe. Add to that, it's scabbard isnt easily MOLLE compatible without a special adapter.

    The USMC also has a New Bayonet in use, the OKC3S (Manufacturers Name- Ontario) which resembles the best points of the M9 & K-Bar Knife. It has been Combat Tested on the Streets of Fallujah by 1/5 Marines

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