What are the specs of the ps3?

Like, dimensions and weight. For purposes of Christmas present searching and guessing :-D

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    # PS3 premium-60 gig, 80gig Blue Ray Player

    # Playstation 3 games are produced on 50 gigabyte bluray disks

    # Upscales reg DVDs to Hd quality

    # True 1080p HiDef

    # PSP Remote play ability (some new games will be playable through remote play from the ps3 streamed top the psp via the psn network

    # The internal 60 gig 80gig hard drive- capable of storing Ps2 memorycard game saves, photo, movies, music etc…

    # Ability to hook up external hard drives, and jump drives- and transfer music, photos, videos, etc……. Playstation 3 Solutions

    # 4 usb ports

    # PS3 Has memory stick, compact flash, and Sd memory card readers.

    # Nvididia RSX GPU with dedicated memory

    # Has 8 core cell broadband CPU

    # Key board and mouse abilities

    # Printer ability

    # Text chat, video chat, and voice chat availible

    # Surf anywhere on the net like any computer (PS3 Has it's own web browser)


    # 200 PS3 game titles currently available. Estimated 300 more by spring including Haze , Killzone, Little big Planet, MGS4, Final Fantasy, etc.....

    # Plays Ps1 games and ps2 titles

    The 40gig Has only 2 usb ports, and no card readers, and p[lays only ps3 and ps1 games. Other then that it is the same as the 80 gig and 60 gig.

    The box it comes in including everything weighs about 12 pounds. and is well packed..

  • 1 decade ago

    you should go get the 60gb while you still can it is alot better than the 40gb ps3 i got one just in time they are now going for £450 on ebay

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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