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whoo is alex evans??!?

Ive heard of hims loads of time and ive seen random pictures of him...who is he and what is he famous for?

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    I think he is a model for the clothing brand "Heartbreaker". I just heard of him today and I think he is gorgeous, but I don't understand how he just popped out of nowhere. I know he is a Canadian and speaks french, so he's probably popular in Canada.

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    Alex evans lives in Montreal Canada he is a model a photographer and he is writing a book. He is famous for his eyes (whitch he does not photoshop he does not photoshop anything) he is also very popular at my school. A lot of kids hate him but he doesnt care! <3 He also has his own clothing line called Heartbreaker.

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    That is also the question that I ask for how many times.. but I searched a lot.. he is a photograper and yah he is really famous about his blue eyes.. I want to know him more.. so please give me more ans. =) thanks for the other infos.

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