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I'm working on a project, I need to find someone that knows my topic well, can anyone find an author 's email, and my topic is about flowers.

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    To contact Harold Feinstein:


    5 Highland Road

    Merrimac, MA 01860


    Workshop Information

    One Hundred Flowers by Harold Feinstein

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    The PBS show: victory garden has a website and if you go to the bottom there is a connect button which allows you to e mail. If you have a specific author in mind, google the author's name. Often you can find contact information there. Also, sometimes you can contact an author through the book's publisher. Authors are busy people and may not get around to answering you promptly. So, check out the library, your county extension agent ( if there is a master gardener in your county, the agent will usually know), and your local greenhouses. You will find lots of information. As an English teacher, I can tell you that I prefer primary sources to a book anytime. If you interview someone, ask permission to use a tape recorder.

    The flower expert site has lots of information about flowers and a contact link.

    The flowerpossibilities site features a flower doctor and lots of contact information.

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    Visit this site there are many experts on the forums.

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