What are some key points in an essay about why i deserve my car back?

I am a good kid but i dont do that well in school, i try but not that hard


I am a good kid but i dont do that well in school, i try but not that hard. My dad is making me write this paper

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    You have answered your own question. I expect your parents would be more impressed with an "A" essay on a school assignment or a better report card than they would with an essay to argue your case.

    Actions speak louder than words--show them you deserve this privilege by being responsible around the house (taking care of your belongings, including your room, your laundry, your homework, etc.), by helping with extra chores around the house, and by applying yourself to your studies. Use the extra time that you aren't driving to develop better study habits, recheck your homework, build your vocabulary, and make an honest effort to do your best work. In other words, try a bit harder. I'm sure there are plenty of websites that give ideas for study tips and could even help you with research or tutoring on particular subjects you are struggling with.

    Focus on that rather than trying to get your car back, and ther rest will probably take care of itself.

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    If you simply get good grades in school, that would help a lot. Also, look at other reasons that caused your parents to take away your car, and try to fix them.

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    if you are writing an essay about "i want my car back":

    -you are a reformed person

    - you will try harder in school

    - you will take what good qualities you have and refine them


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  • 1 decade ago

    Try harder in school. That would be a key put that you want it back.

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