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Why the American's are going away from GOD?

I am from India . I an a real christian and i always live like god's lovable person.

The americans' are no 1 in so many things but when it comes to the GODLY things they are last.So many americans have been spreding the christianity all over the world but when it comes to your own countrie it does not working well.

According to god's word premarital sex and extramarital affiars are SINS but U never follow that rule.According to 1 CHORIANTHINS A MAN SHOULD SEX WITH HIS WIFE ONLY AND VICE VERSA.According to bible brothal is a big sin.

what i want to tell U is frist the american's should follow the god's word and then only speak to the world.I know so many countries also not following god's word.

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    I completely agree with you.

    However, I believe we are living in the End Times, so this great falling away must happen so that Yeshua may plant his feet on Mount Olives again.

    I know it's quite saddening, and I myself find it such a shameful thing, but we must be patient and continue to live. When the Israelites were in Babylon, the Lord Yahweh told them to live and have children, so we as a world which is falling away from the Word of El Shaddai must just continue to live and try our best. The Lord shall have mercy and deliver us so there is nothing to fear.

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    Hi Babu. First of all you need to know that I truly believe in God. Christianity was a true religion, a religion from God, and Jesus is God's messenger. But Jesus's followers thaught God's words are too heavy for them, they don't suit their lifestyle. That's why they betrayed Jesus and planned to kill him. Since then they started to edit the Bible here and there. But there are still some truths in the Bible today like about premarital sex. Premarital sex is clearly forbidden but as you know to many Christians especially from the western world (i.e. America) premarital sex is part of their lifestyle.

    You are right. They spread the religion but they don't even follow the religion as they should. This is because many Christians today don't really believe in God, they are too obsessed with the world and have forgotten God. But we Muslims always believe in God, and obey Him. The Quran (koran) has never been edited. Islam was introduced by God through Muhammad to replace Christianity, which has been destroyed by its own followers.I suggest you to read the Quran. Peace be upon you. =)

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    First, I would ask you to support your statement to wit: "so many Americans have been spreding (sic) the christianity all over the world..." I am not aware of Americans spreading Christianity around the world...

    Secondly, religion is HUGE business in the USA. Have you seen some of the gigantic churches and halls American Christians are building and attending on a regular basis? 'Hardly what you'd expect in a culture that is "going away from God".

    Additionally, the Republican candidates for president are all religious people, it seems. There is a good chance they could win the election again based on their religious principles. Does that say to you that Americans are going away from God?

    I think your claim needs more body to it.

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    America has to be one of the most Christian countries in the world, with over 80% of their population following Christianity. The statisitc hasn't chaned only Atheist are more respected. People have freedom and that means they are allowed devorce and freedom of associantion.

    People are going away from god but instead going away from Dogma. I know a few Christians and none of them go to church or read the Bible.

    America is infact no1 in very few things:

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  • Simple;

    1. The beast of Rev. 17 is the USA.

    2. Presently; USA is moving closer to a false god; man: versus the true God (the Father) or Jesus.

    Example; the scripturalold testament is the law of Moses not Genesis-Malachi. (Can one have the law of Moses before Moses was born (Exodus 2)?

    Want more info? email me here soon your question on the desired point. I will take a shot at answering; albeit I do not currently 'know it all'.

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    Most Americans believe in God and are decent moral people. Where are you getting your information, the media? If you get information from limited sources you will get negativity in the world (especially in the U.S.) much more than positives. What is more exciting or newsworthy, the weather is perfect in Spain today, or there was an earthquake in Japan?

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    I don't think our problem is that people are "going away from GOD." It's that people have mistaken empty symbolism for "God," and it's completely warped their spirituality and morality. Case in point: George W. Bush.

    Typical that you would blame the world's problems on premarital sex. It's just sad that some forms of Christianity skew reality in such a ridiculous way, to the detriment of all. The obsession with sex - especially with other people's sex lives - is just a way of not dealing with REAL problems.

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    Thank you for asking that question. I am a real Christian also, and it pains me to see what is happening in this country. I can only control myself, not all other Christians, but I wish they would realize that when they sin, they drag the name of Christ through the mud.

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    I would not believe everything you hear Babu. You are correct though in 1 thing: 2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a FALLING AWAY FIRST and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

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    okay - your question is so insulting on so many levels.

    just for your information, a "real" christian understands that he or she is not called to judge but to be judged. your judgement of other christians is just as big a sin as murder.

    America does not have to follow God's Word. We were founded on religious freedom - that means that we each have the right to decide our faith path for ourselves and are free to practice that faith without persecution. Americans have sacrificed life and limb and more for that.

    Who are you to judge?

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