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She doesnt make sense?

I have been friends with this woman for a few years now, and we have become best friends, however we done act like it, we act like we are going out. We have talked about going out, and spend every second of the day together that we can, we are extremely protective of each other, and we can talk to each other about anything, and all she will say is she wont because we are friends, yet she acts like she doesnt mean that, also she acts like she is afraid to get much closer to me, and even once admitted that she loves me. why wont she go out with me? am i doing something wrong? what can i do to get her to date me?

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    I think you're in the friend zone buddy if you guys have only had a platonic relationship for all these years it might never change. It's hard finding yourself in love a with a person whose only a "friend". That doesn't mean she doesn't find you attractive it might mean that she's afraid of the consequences that might result from a relationship w/ her. At least that's what some girls tell me. Also it could be that she doesn't like you in that way, only has a buddy. The best thing you can do is keep how your feel about inside and move on to met some one new. Be her friend get her advice about females it's always good to her a woman's perspective on life's little events! If being only friends is too hard I say end the relationship if she doesn't want the same thing. You'll never truly be her friend if you secretly love her. You'll always be waiting on the day she sees you as something more. Then you'll always be hurt...good luck friend.

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    It's hard to answer without knowing your age. If you're in the 15-19 age group, it's a very different situation than if you're 25-30, for example.

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    I'm sorry, hun...seems like she doesn't want to ruin the friendship. I don't think you're doing anything wrong, but you may want to take it slow and give her a little time...

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    call the hotline for the nearby asylum RIGHT NOW !

    dont worry, theyll feed her free food and lodgings too.

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