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Steroids in Basketball?

I was just watching Outside The Lines's documentary about steroids in High School sports. They kept showing clips of basketball. I've never heard of a steroid situation in basketball. I mean what kind of steroid would benefit you in basketball? Usually bigger guys have a disadvantage because they aren't as agile. Is there any positive gain through steroids in basketball

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    Bigger, stronger, faster. That's what basketball players want to be, just like baseball and football players.

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    yes there is a gain. steroids arent just to make you bigger but also stronger and better able to recover. the reson you probably dont hear about it being a problem at the pro level is because they test for it and have for awhile. one thing that i'm sure is being used across the board in every sport is HGH as it is currently not detectable and everyone knows it.

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    And even with steroid tests, they can't detect substances that are taken in small dosages. If you got the money, knowledge and equipment you can pass the doping test with forbidden substances in the body.

    There are no "clean" sports. Sad but true.

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    There are certain types of steroids that benifit you in different ways. for instance, wally joyner a shortstop that played for many teams in the 1990s was a slim quick guy. He used steroids to help improves his quickness ans speed. bassketball invloves alot of quick momement and cutting. Steroids can benifit all basketball players in that way.

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