Nausea and stomach pain home remedies?

I woke up this morning with severe nausea and stomach pain. I just spent an hour lying in the bath which seems to have helped.

Does anyone have any home remedies or advice for me? Thanks!


Also, I'm not pregnant.

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    Ginger is great!

    There's also mint. Sipping mint tea, smelling mint (if you have Essential Oil this is a good one to use). Cinnamon has some benefits for stomach problems, too.

    Chamomile might help with the cramping.

    I hope you're feeling better quickly!

  • 1 decade ago

    An age old home remedy is ginger. And it does help.

    Ginger ale, ginger snap cookies, crystalized ginger, anything with ginger in it, all helped me when I was pregnant. Even though you stated you weren't, it would be safe, even if you were.

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