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Is it common to develop a crush on a scuba dive buddy?

I'm not the kind of guy who easily gets a crush on girls.

Yet I notice that when I have a half attractive dive buddy (eg one that I am assigned on a guided dive) I tend to get a mild crush on her.

Is there something about the diving experience that makes people more easily able to make quick attachments?

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    Well you gain a trust with your dive buddy just like in a relationship, also you share a common intrest so it isn't unsual to get a little crush on ur female dive buddy.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    we've a sky dive close adequate to observe them, and that i'd savour skydiving and finding in any respect our surroundings decrease than me, even though it might take lots to get me to circulate underwater scuba diving.

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    in any setting-doing anything 2 people enjoy-it can happen. you think that you 2 share an interest in the same thing, and you think shes attractive, and like her. anything where 2 people enjoy the same activity can lead to a crush.

  • R.S.
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    yes especially if you are spending alot of one on one time with her and she's in her swimsuit . sounds like an easy way to develop an attraction .

    guess theres nothing wrong with this if she's single , but don;t know if she is .

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