ttc help me plz could this be a miscarriage or am i pregnant?

my last period was the 19th of nov i have an 28 day cycle i was supposed to ovulate on the 1st of dec i had sex on the 30th of nov i thought i was pregnant or could this be a miscarriaged i have been very tried and my breast are sore but now on the 14th of dec i started to have light bleeding i dont no if its a period of implanting bleeding can i still b pregnant help me i think its not my period because it came too early 4 days too early after i count up my cyle days that means dat my cyle for the month was a 25 day cyle which is not common 4 me i also heard that most women do get a light period after the conceive 4 the first few months cramping light off and onbut be4 i started i bleedin a had brownish spottin 4 a day and a half which is also uncommon 4 me how long does it take for a women to start showing and also when should i have sex again

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    I had no signs of implantation. I have read that it is very rare. Take a test and see. If its negative, wait a week and retest. If that is negative I would it was your period and maybe you should take to your DR about your hormone level. There could be an issue there.

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    "Most" women don't have implantation signs. It is possible, however, to have them.

    If it is, in fact, implantation spotting, a pregnancy test probably wouldn't be accurate for another couple days because your body would just now be starting to produce hCG. Wait a couple days and if you haven't begun your period in full force, test!

    Best of luck!

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    Quickily to get a pregnancy test from phamarcy shop then you'll know the result.

    I did have light period when I was pregnant, till the 3rd month.

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    If this is something that is out of the ordinary for you, then you should seek medical assistance. Make and appointment with your doctor or gyno. They will be able to give you a proper answer. Good luck! :)

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