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Ever dreamed of hell?

When i was young, the version of HELL that occurred in my dream was like this-

the surrounding was filled with many trees without leaves, orange air seemed to filled the atmosphere where infront of me there is a really huge hole. Something like a deforestation-after-effect scene or some kind of desert.

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    Yes, mine was desert roads no building

    a black stone building with ghost echo voices

    pass though it....i saw dark rooms really dark with distant voices screaming

    no fire around at all...weird but the sun was black orange color air but that was the sand ...like a sand storm.

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    Im no psychologist, nor a dream expert, but reason can tell us one thing, everyone and everything that you see in a dream is you and stems from you. So it sounds to me, by the way you describe the dream, that you feared or fear being swallowed up by desolation, isolation, emptiness, lonliness...or you already felt that you were...same for the other guy.

    If you were describing a traditional hell(fire and brimstone), it might seem that you had doubts about the ethics and morality of your own waking actions. But you arent, and there is nothing particularly ambiguous about the dream imagery you described. You described a wasteland, standing before a black void ready to swallow you up. Perhaps this is how you felt about certain situations in your life.

    Yes, Ive dreamed of hell before...or a hellish place or entity.

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    one several occassions. the first time, it was a darkness like i have never known, not even in a cave. in a cave, something is there, but this was the complete abscence of everything to include air i was totally alone, and always would be. it was one of the most terrifying things i have ever experienced. also not know how i got there.

    the second time was similiar to the first except that the loss of hope (any hope) was magnified beyond words. again, a hanging in nothingness, without anyone being there, and that darkness that unnatural with the suffication of there being no air.

    i can't do better justice to it, but it is a horrible place

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    Go to dream moods.com and find your ans

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    whoah thats weird

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    sounds interesting.....maybe u've been there in your past life....

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