stage 5 with Liver Cancer?

My mother-in-law has liver cancer and conventional and experimental treatments were unsuccessful. Subsequently, her kidneys are starting to fail because the liver cannot send the fluids to the kidneys. Her legs are so filled with fluids that they weep non-stop. Her doctors have drained 7.5 liters of fluid from her stomach and another 6 this past week. She will not eat because it makes her have to go to the bathroom and the stairs in her home are too hard for her to mauver. She has refused hospice. We're at a loss of what to do. We're not sure how much longer we will have her with us. She will not share with us anything her doctors say. What can we do, what are we not doing right? How can we make her quality of life better? How long will we be able to keep her with us?

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  • Panda
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    1 decade ago
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    Without the patients co-operation there is probably very little that you can do. If your MIL is religous you might contact her church for guidance. There are also medical social workers who might agree to speak with her. But, at this point it seems she is indicating that she's had enough. Hospice can certainly make her more comfortable . . most people with advanced cancer that I've known who've gone on hospice are grateful to be relieved of the symptoms and pain. Hospice concentrates fully on just making the patient comfortable and they usually mean business.

    Sorry that your family is going through this.

    Source(s): Experience. Teen son diagnosed with stage IV abdominal sarcoma over two years ago. Currently asymptomatic and living with cancer.
  • Anonymous
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    While a serious converstation does need to be had about final wishes as well as med poa and/or a living will, just be there for her.

    Hang out with her, but dont talk about her being sick unless she brings it up. Let her do the things she wants to do, even if she probably shouldnt be.

    But, at the same time, be prepared for when she is ready to talk. I would reason a guess that she wants to talk about it, she just doesnt feel comfortable because people are always asking. She wants to do it on her own terms, when she is ready.

    As for the bathroom issue, how about a bedside potty? A lil chair thing that has a bucket.. you sit on it and use the bathroom like a normal toilet, except instead of flushing, someone would need to empty and clean the pot after each use. I have no idea how much they cost or if you can rent one, but her docs should know. If not, call a local med supply company.

    Try to keep the legs propped up. I dont know if it well help in her case, but it may.

    Honestly it sounds like she has decided she is ready die now. If that is the case, it may not be long. If she is still trying to fight, she could live for weeks or months. I have seen people both ways. Ill be honest with you, watching someone fight for live simply because they are scared or because the family doesnt want them to die is really not a pretty sight. All the people that are important to her should let her know that you love her and will remember her, but if it is her time then it is ok to let go.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The best you can do at this point is implement comfort measures. If your mother-in-law isn't sharing her doctors information and updates with you, she has made that decision for some reason. You have to respect her wishes.

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    No doctor said that and there is no stage 5.

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    Ask her if you can go with her to the doctor or if she will give your doctor permission to release information to you. Also, as hard as it might be, it might be a good idea to talk to her about her final wishes. Does she want a do not resuscitate order if things go sour?

  • 1 decade ago

    Just do the best you can to make her comfortable and let you know that you love her. What ever you do don't tell her that "it will be ok" or "don't worry". I will say a prayer for you and your family.

    Source(s): Personal, dignosed with 2ndary liver cancer.
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