where's the best place to be stationed in the army? Ft hood, ft stewart, or ft lewis?

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    If those are your three choices and you can handle the weather, go for Lewis. It's one of the garden spots in the Army and if you're an 11B, you'll get to Hood and Stewart soon enough if you stay in.

    Source(s): Been stationed at Lewis, set to PCS to Hood after this deployment.
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    If those are your only choices then go to Lewis (if not ask for Germany) - it's beautiful, has good facilities and housing, close to the coast/Canada, Seattle is an hour away for cultural opportunities, an hours drive to Mt. Ranier, we loved it there!

    Haven't been stationed at Hood or Stewart but if you want to deploy even more than the rest of the Army those are the bases to go to. As someone else said you may get there anyhow.

    As mentioned three totally different climates -- Lewis is in the shadow of the Cascades and gets lots of rain; Stewart is muggy - still green and lots of Azaleas, southern and on the coast; Hood is high desert type terrain. All are great and you can adapt but none are nothing alike.

    Personally when given choices like this we've always mulled it over - check their respective homepages for more info on the area - prayed and then moved as God led.

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    You have 3 very different climates for each post. Years ago when my husband was in the army, we were stationed at Ft. Hood. I now live in Georgia, not far from Ft. Stewart. I have never lived in the State of Washington so can't give you any personal experience with that one; though I understand it rains several months of the year there. Ft. Hood is in central Texas and it gets pretty hot there in the summer but the heat is more tolerable because it is also a dry climate. South Georgia is hot, muggy and fairly uncomfortable during the summer.

    If you're less interested in climate and more interested in what is available in nearby cities/towns, Ft. Hood isn't close to any large cities. Ft. Stewart isn't far from Savannah, Hilton Head and other coastal cities. You would be able to make easy trips to a warm beach if you are so inclined. I believe Ft. Lewis is near Washington's state capitol, Olympia. I liked the dry climate at Ft. Hood, probably because I grew up in the midwest and now live in Georgia, both of which are pretty humid and less comfortable in summer.

    Other than that, military life doesn't differ much from one post to another, in my opinion. Good luck!

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    Well, I can't say too much about Ft. Hood, never been there...but, isn't that the base where they train recruits? Or maybe they changed that.

    Ft. Lewis is nice, but I am all for Ft Stewart!! We were stationed there for almost 2 years, part of the time we were at Hunter Army Airfield. It was great, Savannah is beautiful, in fact I love the south. Ft. Stewart is about 45 mins away and it's

    by itself, we had a stream in the woods behind our house. Lots to do around there. Anyway that's my opinion..of course we were there in 1972 to

    1975. lol I bet it hasn't changed that much, it's the south after all!! God Bless, Karen

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    1 decade ago

    Depends on MOS

    Out of those I choose: FT HOOD (hot climate but largest post- more to do)

    I was stationed there (outdoors stuff-OK)

    If 11 series- Ft Stewart (Stewart is a good all around post- great for out doors type)

    I will not comment about Lewis

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    i am not sure about lewis and hood but i do know something about stewart.....

    in my opinion stewart is great if you have children... its quiet and very much like a southern town..... there isnt much for the partying type to do but there is is a bowling alley 2 actually and a water park type swiming pool..... and several other things.... basically if you dont have children then you are going to be very bored...... there is savannah that is about 30 to 45 minutes away and then you are about 45 minutes from the beach......

    really its all in what you value is a place to live..... although housing is just a bit on the rough side if you have no kids or just 1 child... the new 3 and 4 bedroom houses are nice though...

    Source(s): having lived on stewart for over a year...
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    4 years ago

    howdy, my older brother is eighteen. He finished straight forward guidance from the army as a tank driving force. he's stationed at Korea for 2 years. He leaves in 5 days. i've got self assurance he gets some hours an afternoon of loose time, for the 1st couple months. some people even have been given Hawaii as a place to be stationed. lots of the folk went to fortress hood, texas, which they finally end up going to Iraq. i'm hoping this helped you extremely.

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    Definitely Ft. Stewart. Great location , not far from Savannah Ga--a great place to visit. Great for outdoor activities--hunting,fishing etc.. Driving distance to Jacksonville Fla. About 2 hrs to Atlanta. In general a pretty good location.

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    Are those the only three places you want to go? Or are they the only places you CAN go? There are army bases in Korea, Japan, Hawaii, Germany, Italy, England, Alaska... the list goes on... and those three bases are your best options? I'm in Germany now and let me promise you: four years abroad is an experience a majority of Americans will spend their whole lives dreaming about and never accomplishing.

    Source(s): Four years in the Army and counting
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    From what I heard, Fort Hood

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