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Is it safe to take my chihuahua out for walks?

It have got it's first shot and dewormed... I am going to adopt it that way tonight...plz help and advice plz

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    No do not take it out around other dogs or where they have been till it has had all 4 sets of shots it is not 100% protected with only one set of shots they can still catch parvo or something wait till it has all the shots up to date then start taking it for walks

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    no problem the pup will love it. However you must remember how small and fragile a chihuahua can be because they are all dog and have no idea they can't whip other dogs or jump high curbs.So be careful chihuahuas don't realize they are not Great Danes.

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    Absolutely! Exercise will do the dog wonders in the physical and mental aspect of his life, such as preventing boredom behaviors like chewing, using the bathroom on the floor, etc.

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    Any healthy dog (who has all his shots) would benefit from regular walks.

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