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i think im falling in love with bestfriend, same sex. HELP!? :S?

Hi there. i really need help im just confused right now. i think i fall in love with her. we've been bestfriend for about a year now. She's sweet, kind and just different from others. She's the only girl i got attracted to.. before i knew her, i have boyfriends.. but in the last two year i broke up with boyfriend cuz of certain things.., it's just sucks somehow i want to forget this bestfriend of mine... she's been there for me thru goodtimes n badtimes.., we always hold hands, give each other a hug.. i just love her.. :'( sometimes i force myself to not have such a feeling like this but i couldnt help myself.. how i wish i never meet someone like her, last november (which is on 30th) was the last day of school.. i will never ever forget when she ask me to kiss her cheek.. she lean her cheek to me wanted me to kiss her.. so i kissed her.. then she smiled.. i just love it that way.. i wanna cry right now i really miss her so bad.. :'(


n btw, she's straight.. i noe there is absolutely no chance for me.. =(

she just broke up with her bf last year.. i guess we just cant be together.. shud i tell her i love her? if i tell her she's probably going to freak out.. *sob*

Update 2:

and do u think that she likes me too the way she treat me? if she does like me, do u think she like me as more than friends???

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    Yes tell her i had the same situation with my friend and it turned out she liked me alot as well but we broke up after 5 months cause of myself hah! Anyway TELL HER!

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