what is a certtified check.?

can some one who knows about banking tell me what a certified check is. my land lord says she wants a certified check for my rent.i mailed her my rent and the postal service buffed up and she did not get the check now she said she wants it certified, does it cost extra. i want to complain about the postal service.

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    A Cetified Check is a check that you draw on your account and make payable to your landlord or whomever you want to pay. You take the check to your bank and they will immediately withdraw the money to cover it from your account and put it into the banks Certified Check account. They will stamp the check with their Certified Check stamp and an official of the bank will sign the stamping. This makes the check a liability of the bank, with the the funds set aside & guaranteed by the Bank, which will pay it out of their Certified Check account when it is presented.

    There is a charge for this service. You will have to ask your Bank how much they charge. You will probablly find that it is much cheaper to get a Bank Check or a Bank Money Order from them. The point is that your landlord wants a check that is guaranteed by a Bank.

    Sorry, but can't help you with the postal service.

    Source(s): Over 40 years of experience as a Banker.
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    Landlords depend on your payment to continue to stay in business. It may be used in other areas of her business and "cash flow" paid on time allows a landlord to budget and pay for their payables. Contracts clearly state a period of time rent is due or late fees and/or interest will be added. These fees are set in place under local and state law to have a uniform method for all, with no exceptions. It is not your business to know and understand what a landlord does with the rent money you pay, you signed an agreement to abide by.

    Mailing your rent and it not arriving, on time or at all, is no excuse on your part. Apparently there was a problem in the past with you paying rent.

    A "Certified Check" is a guaranteed check from you issued by your bank or a store. You provided, on the spot of issue, an amount with currency (banks pull from your checking account), therefore, the check created is like money to the landlord.

    I rented for many years. You need to be as nice to the landlord as possible because they can be your worst enemy or best friend when needed. If you are short of funds on the due date and you have been as nice as you can, sometimes, late fees are overlooked. Maintenance will be quicker as well. Most importantly, if you decide to purchase a home the landlord's input to a lender is CRITICAL.

    Source(s): Rented for many years. Real Estate Agent, North Atlanta
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    certified check is a check given by the bank..it might or might not cost extra depending on the bank.

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    You go to your bank and they will give you a certified check.

    It means that the bank guarantees the amount is valid.

    The bank will likely take the amount of money from your account first to make sure it is OK.

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    Go to your own bank and have them prepare one (the same money will come out of your account) . My bank does not charge anything.

    If you E pay your rent from the Internet , it will only be sent if you have the money in the bank.

    We manually (not automatically) E Pay all of our bills each money. No postage, no checks, no envelopes. Its great!

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