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population density?

whats the major highest population density and whats the lowest

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    The most densely populated coutnry is Morocco with 23,660 people per square km, the least populated is Western Sahara ith 1.3 people per square km.

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    how many people there are in 1 square kilometer. Factors affecting population density are; how fertile the soil is, resources and facilities,sanitary conditions (how clean the country is). The most densely populated areas are big cities and towns, because they are easily accesed and thrive with people e.g London has a population of 7 million people, which is over 10% of the population of Britain which is 60 million. Scotland is sparsely populated. The population density of London is great because many people live in flats, which means many people live on the same bit of land.

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    The tiny country of Monaco has the world's highest population density. With an area of 3/4 of a square mile and a total population of 32,000, Monaco has a density of almost 43,000 people per square mile.

    Mongolia is the world's least densely populated country with only 4.3 people per square mile. Australia is a close second with 6.4 people per square mile.

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    If you are talking about countries, if I remember right the highest population density would be Singapore, and the Lowest would be Canada, (excluding Antartica).

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